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Beta opening soon
Hello RF Online Fan, I’m back after a lot of searching and late browsing the internet, searching and setting the settings to start editing Read more
28 de Nov, 2017 7:50
Hello world!
Welcome to WordPress. This is your first post. Edit or delete it, then start writing! Read more
28 de Nov, 2017 3:21
Will the RF Millenium return?
Millenium undoubtedly was one of the best Private Online RF servers with a focus on PVP, just as every private server had its ups Read more
28 de Nov, 2017 10:05

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Common questions
Is it mandatory to donate to the server?

It is not obligatory to make any type of donation.

We are a project created by fans of RF Online and nonprofit, we need donations to keep the server online.

Player who contributes the server through Donation also receives punishment in the same way as the other players without any preference.

RF Online is a sci-fi, fantasy, and action MMORPG that takes place on the planet of Novus. The game focuses on the never-ending conflict between the three races as well as their resistance against ARCANE. Read more

The version available on our server is 2.2.3 focused on pvp, so the fees and experiences are high and PT/Skill GM in order to facilitate and focus on pvp. Read more